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Your carpeting is a substantial investment for your company and a crucial element in shaping the overall image of your office space. That's why O'Neill & Sons can help you maintain the economic value and aesthetic appeal of this investment by crafting a personalized carpet maintenance plan.

Caring for Your Investment

Our tailored program is designed to ensure dependable and cost-effective service, extending the life and enhancing the appearance of your carpets. Our team of carpet experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your facility to create a comprehensive maintenance plan that precisely meets your unique requirements. This program will consistently uphold the beauty of your carpet, ensuring a fresh and vibrant look week after week, month after month, and year after year. Importantly, it can be easily adjusted to accommodate your organization's evolving needs, whether you're scaling down or embarking on an extensive office expansion.

Once your plan is in place, our dedicated and skilled personnel will provide you with exceptional service. You'll easily recognize our team members not only by their uniforms but also by their courteous and professional demeanor.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Carpet Maintenance 

Obviously, there is no one best method to clean all carpets. For optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, our wide range of cleaning systems addresses varying soiling conditions and traffic patterns in your facility.

1. High Traffic Cleaning:


This procedure is utilized for high-traffic hallways and heavily used walkways.

2. Pile Lifting:

The pile lifter, though not a true vacuum, effectively removes a significant amount of debris from the carpet. It is recommended to follow this up with thorough vacuuming to eliminate loosened soil left behind. Pile lifters are essential for maintaining "pivot" areas on commercial carpets, such as corners and heavy-use areas like in front of cafeterias and elevators.

3. Spot Cleaning:

We provide spot cleaning for all carpeting that requires special attention, including public areas, elevators, and lobbies.

4. Deep Soil Extraction:

Typically performed annually, this service involves pre-spotting for heavy soil and stains, followed by a thorough deep-cleaning of all areas.

5. Anti-Stain Treatment:

Protect your carpet from spots and stains with Fabric Protector applied to heavy traffic areas like entranceways and lunchrooms.

6. Emergency Spot Removal:

Our team is available when you need us, within 24 hours, demonstrating our commitment to your satisfaction.

7. Modular Systems Furniture Cleaning:

O’Neill & Sons offers a comprehensive solution for cleaning modular systems furniture, including fabric chairs, partitions, space dividers, moveable screens, and acoustical panels, among others.

By providing these services, we ensure that your carpets and office environment remain clean, presentable, and well-maintained, tailored to your specific needs and conditions.

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